TECHNOFLUX - METAL TEST KIT With 5 Bottles And Synthetic Touch




Five acids and touchstone to determine the karat of different metals. The results are seen visually, the use of gloves and protective glasses is recommended.

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TECHNOFLUX D-5 METAL TEST KIT With 5 Bottles And Synthetic Touch 

Set of 3 tap waters with wooden case, bottles and tap stone. By using this set it is possible to quickly and safely determine the carat rating of the piece to be analyzed.

The results can be seen visually, after having carried out the analytical process correctly. We recommend the use of gloves and protective glasses, as well as the use of this product in a ventilated place.

Gold Touch:

For accurate results we must carry out a test by means of a testimony contrasted with the touch star (ref. TOQ0D0900), an essential element to carry out this comparative analysis.

We will draw a line with the touch star, and we will make a line parallel to the first line with the piece to be analyzed. Next, we will draw a third stroke with the touch water that will cross the two lines made previously.

We will wait for a short period of time to allow the action of the waters on the metal traces. The presentation of the bottles in different colors makes it easy to identify them.

We must pay attention to the line made with our piece: if this disappears, we will have to repeat the test with a lower carat of the touch star and the corresponding touch water. If, on the contrary, the line is maintained, we can determine that its carat is the one that corresponds to the water used and the testimony of the touch star.

Silver Touch:

The touch of the acid on the Silver should form a milky red precipitate. On other metals, depending on their nature, the line is completely erased, turns green or remains unchanged.

Platinum Touch:

Observe the test for one minute. The acid must not attack the platinum trail. The trace of the white gold, silver-gold alloy, and the osmium-gold alloy, will always be attacked.

Filling the bottles:

Remove the bottle from the tube. With the bottle in an upright position, make a small lateral pressure to break the neck of the vial, put the acid in the bottle.


It is very important to clean the touchstone with a cloth after each use. If traces remain on the stone, platinum acid can be used. It is recommended to use the new acids.

This kit includes:

1 Ampoule of acid 9 K

1 Ampoule of acid 14 K 

1 Ampoule of acid 18 K

1 Ampoule of acid Ag

1 Ampoule of acid Pt

5 glass jars

1 standard touchstone

1 wooden case

1 Instruction booklets

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