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    Presidium is the first company in the world to launch numerous gemological instruments.


    Altuna offers a range of light, ergonomic professional scissors made with the latest generation materials.


    BALKAN is a high speed-universal electrical motors manifacturer. 


    Baxtran is specialized in weighing scales and devices.


    BIO-ART is a Brazilian company founded in 1977 that leads the Brazilian market in the manufacture of magnifying glasses, protective glasses, and micro-sandblasting machines.

    High quality tools, perfect for the jewelry industry.


    BUSCH is specialised for rotary precision instruments and tools since 1905


    CAFLON manufactors one of the most widely recognisable ear piercing systems in the world.


    CASTALDO is a brand with a global reputation for high quality consistent products.


    DEDECO is the worldwide leader in abrasive products.


    Dialux offers the favorite premium polishing compound for anyone looking for a superior finish for their work. Very popular with jewelers and watchmakers around the world.

  • DICK

    DICK is a German company that has been producing precision cutting tools, circular blades and machine knives since 1886.


    DREHER produces mechanical polishing compounds, ideal for the polishing process of jewelry.


    Durston Tools is the world’s manufacturer of rolling mills & tools for the jewellery industry. 


    Elettrolaser is an Italian company specialized in the design of laser markers and production of machines for micro-welding and laser engraving.

  • ELMA

    Elma hosts a full line of wedding bands, engagement rings and other jewellery pieces; most are manufactured within the UK.


    Estmon manufactures ultrasound products such as buckets, ultrasound devices, baskets, hook holders, etc.

    This brand, in addition to its great experience, guarantees high levels of technology, as well as the highest quality.

    Estmon offers products made of stainless steel and with welded tanks, for maximum cleaning power.

  • EVE

    EVE Ernst Vetter GmbH is a world-renowned leading manufacturer of rotary grinding and polishing instruments for jewelry.


    Ferris is a company specialized in supplies for jewelers and goldsmiths. Discover its incredible range of products available on our website.


    Foldio produces the world's portable studio (Mini studio) with foldable design, ideal in a jewelry workshop for professional photo shooting.


    Foredom is the leading manufacturer of flexible shaft rotary power tools in the world.


    Freeman is the one-stop materials supplier to industries from 1902


    FUSI-MOLD is a company placed in Barcelona, specialized in manufacturing high quality silicones for jewellery industry (lost-wax casting and centrifugal casting).


    Grobet USA is known worldwide for excellence in the quality and reliability of its products. 


    Hagerty develops and markets specific products for the care of jewelery, watches and accessories; decoration objects; table art; carpets and textiles; all kinds of coatings; crystals, metals and ceramics.

    Its headquarters are in Switzerland and it markets in more than 70 countries.


    HATHO is a manufacturer of rotary polishing tools for prosthetists, Jewelry, Industry and Diyers.


    The Swiss brand Hilderbrand introduced brazing paste to the jewelry and watch industry in Europe in 1972.

  • JOTA

    JOTA is a Swiss manufacturer of very useful rotary instruments in the jewelery sector.

  • KOYO

    Koyo-Sha Company Ldt is a leading Japanese company dedicated to polishing materials highly valued by the best jewelry manufacturers.


    LEGOR is an italian leading global metallurgical and chemical company offering a wide variety of galvanic baths.


    For over 150 years Lindström tools for Jewelry have been the choice of professional jewelry makers.
    And still today it offers the best pliers and cutters for designers.


    Maillefer is considered the world leader in the design, manufacture and commercialization of burrs.

    Their instruments offer outstanding cutting efficiency, thus reducing user fatigue. Moreover, they provide great performance in the jewelry.

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    Located in China and USa, Makex is created by a team of designers who work to integrate digital technology into traditional manufacturing.


    MARATHON is a Korean company owned by the multinational Saeyang.

    It is specialized in rotary instruments and micromotors, perfect for jewelry operations carried out by handpieces.


    Since 1991 MATSUHAKU-WU is the expert in electronic specific gravity testers.

  • MAUN

    Maun is a British company that has been producing pliers since 1944, dedicating itself, among others, to the jewelery sector.

    Their line of parallel pliers for jewelry is extensive and highly detailed.


    Menzerna polishing compounds have been on the market for over 100 years. Its high quality polishing compounds are vey popular in the jewellery industry. 


    METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments and services for laboratory use and manufacturing processes.

    Its high precision electronic scales are ideal for jewelry because they provide reliable results and allow you to work efficiently.


    MIDORI is a manufacturer of polishing pastes ideal for the jewelery sector.


    Swann-Morton is a world leader in the manufacture of surgical blades, scalpels and handles.


    The OHAUS company is known internationally for its quality manufacturing high precision balances, perfect for jewelry.


    OPTIVISOR by Donegan

    Donegan Optical Company since 1952 has been manufactoring high quality visual aid. 

    OptiVISOR by Donegan is a precision binocular headband magnifier which permits unrestricted user efficiency while reducing eye strain—leaves both hands free and allows three dimensional vision. 

    Used in jewelry where meticulous and precise work is required.

  • ORCA

    Orca is the quintessential brand of quality torches for professional use, used by jewelers and goldsmiths.


    Pandora has been founded in 1954, and its core business is the creation of alloys for gold and silver.

    Pandora has been constantly increasing its production and improving the quality of its main product in order to be a reliable provider for jewellers


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    Presidium is the first company in the world to launch numerous gemological instruments.


    Ransom & Randolph coating products are considered by the most demanding professionals in the casting industry as the highest quality product range, giving the brand a solid reputation within the jewelry industry.

    The constant results obtained during the technical research and development processes help the client to make the best and most complex casting parts. The secret lies in the excellent quality of the raw material used (cristobalite) that is obtained from the mines in the USA.


    ROMAR is a Valencian company that is dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of machinery for casting, polishing and finishing in the sector of jewelery, costume jewelery, goldsmiths, silverware and metallic ornaments in general.

    Romar provides a wide range of hand tools (burs, files, burins, pliers, grinding motors, work tables, etc.) and products such as alloys, rubbers, modeling waxes, soldering fluids.


    Molten Metal Systems is an industry leader in materials technology development, offering the broadest selection of crucibles in the jewelry industry.

    One of its best known brands is Salamander Super, considered one of the brands with the highest quality in its products due to its high thermal performance.

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    Molten Metal Systems is an industry leader in materials technology development, offering the broadest selection of crucibles in the jewelry industry.

    One of its best known brands is Salamander Super, considered one of the brands with the highest quality in its products due to its high thermal performance.

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    SIA ABRASIVES is a world leader in the manufacture of high quality abrasives.

    It offers an extensive range of products, incorporating perfect solutions for jewelry.


    Sievert is a leading global manufacturer specializing in high quality heating tools such as jewelry torches.


    The Sirio brand is appreciated around the world for its technical qualities, high performance and design in addition to its competitive prices.

    Constant evolution, innovation and technological research have allowed this company to position itself positively within the jewelry market.

  • STAG

    STAG is a group of consolidated companies operating in the industrial gases, refrigerants, refrigeration, air conditioning and welding sectors.

    On our website we provide useful tools for castingwelding and annealing precious metals used in jewelry.


    For more than half a century, Super Pike has manufactured superior quality saw blades for jewelers.

    They are the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of saw blades in Vallorbe, Switzerland.


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    TANITA produces high precision electronic scales, ideal for jewelry workshops.


    Technoflux is the brand of the Benmayor group that manufactures and markets a wide range of products and machines for the jewelry industry.


    Founded in California in 1982, Tronex Technology Inc. has become a world leader in the design and manufacture of manual cutting tools and precision pliers, very used in the jewelry sector


    UltraFlex Power Technologies is an USA company that provides industrial induction heating equipment perfect for the jewelry sector.

    UltraFlex offers the most innovative, digitally controlled induction technology in the jewelry industry.

  • USAG

    USAG started manufacturing and operating in the professional tools sector together with other small companies in Italy.

    It is now a brand of Stanley Black & Decker, the world's largest tool and storage company.


    Vallorbe is a Swiss company that manufactures high-quality precision tools, appreciated by the most demanding jewelers around the world.

    Vallorbe precision files and tools are marketed in more than 80 countries through a network of almost 300 distributors.

    They cover a wide spectrum of applications in fields as diverse as jewelrywatchmaking, logging, hardware or even precision mechanics.


    VIGOR a division of GROBET USA

    Grobet USA is known worldwide for excellence in the quality and reliability of its products. 

    Grobet offers: files, jewelers’ sawblades, jewelers’ burs, and a broad range of equipment and supplies for casting, cleaning, engraving, metal working, packaging, plating, polishing, and soldering. 


    With more than 150 employees, WIELAND is a high-performance company with products and services in the fields of recycling and precious metal technology.

    WIELAND produces a diversified range of semi-finished products and precious metal compounds.


    ZILFOR is an italian producer of dental furniture. Some of their products are used both in the dental and jewelry sector. 

    ZILFOR technology guarabtees the best quality and riliability, therefore we offer them throug our web.


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