Jewelry laser engraving machine, compact and accessible technology

Technological advances are so revolutionizing the work of the jeweler that engraving jewelry today is a radically different process than it was just twenty years ago.

In this article, we introduce the Technoflux G-50 jewelry laser engraving machine. We discuss its potentialities and operation, and note the differences between ancient and modern jewelry engraving techniques.

The affective value of engraving on jewelry

The customization and ornamentation of jewelry pieces has always played an important role in the history of jewelry.

This is because the jewels are associated with emotions. Engraving a pendant, bracelet, ring or any other jewel, means adding an affective value to said piece. It thus becomes something more than a precious object to be a message. Be it a date, a word, a sign or a drawing, the customizations of jewelry pieces have existed for thousands of years.

Yesterday as today, personalized jewelry represents a way of communicating a feeling: friendship, love, gratitude, congratulations… What has changed over time is the way jewelry pieces are engraved.

From burin to laser jewelry engraving machine

In ancient times, jewelry engraving was an artisan process that was done by hand. Jewelers used the burin, a steel utensil with a wooden handle that ends in a point, to engrave pieces of gold and silver.

This job required great skills and a lot of time. The jeweler, like an artist, made the engraving with his own hands and the result was unique and unrepeatable.

In 1603 the pantograph was born, a machine based on the properties of parallelograms. With the pantograph, jewelers could make drawings of different sizes and engrave hard metals more easily.


Computerized engraving machines began to be marketed in the 1990s.

For just over fifteen years, jewelers began to engrave jewelry with a laser machine. These jewelry engraving tools allow you to do complex work with great precision in a short time.

Technoflux G-50 laser machine, easy and accessible jewelry engraving

The G-50 laser jewelry engraving machine is specifically designed for jewelry shops for both its size and its applications.

In fact, Technoflux has created a laser machine with different applications to perform all the usual jobs in a jewelry workshop.

It has an application to engrave photographs, texts, anagrams with a precision of one hundredth.

It is very important to mention that the G-50 laser machine has an open system that allows us to incorporate an infinite number of alphabets, logos and anagrams.

Furthermore, it can also be equipped with the high precision rotary axis system. This system allows rotary and circular engraving with a clamp for clamping pieces, mobile for the X and Y axes.

Compact and safe Technoflux G-50 jewelry laser engraving machine

The Technoflux G-50 laser machine is compact. Its small dimensions are perfect for small workshops.

It comes with an integrated computer and a specialized program (Ezcad2) that allows us to import files from the most popular current computer design programs (svg, dxf, bmp, plt, jpg, dwg, etc.).

Its protection cabin allows working safely, according to CE regulations, it is also equipped with an intake for fumes and waste.

A versatile laser machine within the reach of jewelers

The Technoflux laser engraving machine is a very versatile tool in that it allows a multitude of jobs to be carried out.


Technoflux G-50 allows not only engraving but also cutting 1.5 mm precious metal to create decorations.

With the Technoflux G-50 laser machine, totally personalized pendants can be made. The preview of the work displayed on the machine screen makes the customer feel more involved in the process of creating their piece of jewelry.


The G-50 laser machine allows you to engrave all kinds of precious metals. In addition, in the watchmaking field, we can apply this machine to various materials, such as silicone, leather, stainless steel, mat straps.


It is also possible to restore old mechanical parts of watches thanks to the action of the laser that can work as if it were a milling machine and leave the surfaces perfectly rectified.

Even the laser machine can engrave stone and wood.

Technoflux G-50 laser machine, endless possibilities

The G-50 laser jewelry engraving machine is a tool with vast potential that reflects the endless creative possibilities expressed through these precious and enchanting objects that are jewelry.