The Jewelry Benmayor Jewelry Tools and Jewelry Machinery catalog.

At Benmayor you will find a large collection of equipment, instruments and work tools carefully selected from the best jewelry brands. Consult now our updated catalog of jeweler's tools, where you will find a careful selection of products of the highest quality. From pliers, tweezers, hammers and milling cutters to a selection of tools for soldering, cleaning and polishing jewelry. With constantly updated products so that nothing is missing in your workshop.

The largest stock with the best world brands.

Benmayor offers you this online jewelry catalog completely free. Click on the material that interests you to consult the prices on the website. The best jewelry brands are at your fingertips: Durston, Super Pike, Maillefer, Vallorbe and many more. Always at the best price. Compare all the prices of files, tools for watchmakers, stripping materials and torches for welding parts or machinery for workshops such as laminators, micromotors and ultrasonic units.

Everything the jeweler needs, in one place.

At Benmayor we want to cover the small jeweler and the most experienced professional. We have the best experts and with them we have written and included a list of tips, tricks and guides to improve processes, ideal for getting started in this exciting world or refining techniques for more expert hands. This way you will know which jewelry tool best suits your needs.

Benmayor, more than 50 years always offering you the best.

Hundreds of jewelry tools await you in our catalog, discover a large selection of materials among the best brands and check the best prices in this free interactive catalog. At Benmayor we have been improving our offer for more than 50 years, updating our stock and providing jewelers with everything they need so that nothing is missing in your business or jewelry workshop.

Jewelry tools and machinering

At Jewelry Benmayor we have a wide range of high-quality handmade jewelry tools, all necessary to carry out any jewelry project. You will find everything from pliers to micro fusion ovens, files, tools for watchmakers, materials for foundry and blowtorches for welding parts. We also have jewelry machinery for professional workshops, where large jewelry productions are carried out.

At Jewelry Benmayor we stock a wide range of jewelery tools from top brands including Busch, Ferris, Hagerty, Hilderbran, Orca and many more. We put at your disposal everything you need for the jewelry manufacturing process. Whether you are an expert jeweler or just starting out, at Jewelry Benmayor we offer the latest jewelry tools and jewelry machinery you need.


Technoflux Jewelry Tools and Jewelry Machinery

Under the Technoflux brand we have hundreds of high-quality, upscale jewelry tools for jewelry making for sale. For the jewelry maker, our catalog includes jewelry tools and machinery such as soldering tools, lighting tools, pliers and much more. Technoflux always seeks to offer the latest technology in jewelry making tools in addition to easy-to-use basic jewelry tools.

Jewelry Tools Brands

As a leading supply company for the jewelry sector in Spain, we have everything necessary for making jewelry in a jewelry workshop. At Jewelry Benmayor we work with the best jewelry brands to offer the jeweler the best tools at a very competitive price. Orca blowtorches, Durston laminators, Busch milling cutters, Estmon ultrasounds…

Jewelry Tools for Beginners

At Jewelry Benmayor we know that beginner jewelry makers need the right tools. Our range of products for beginners in jewelery making covers the most essential jewelery tools at excellent value for money.