Engraving and stone setting

Engraving and stone setting

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Uniquely personalize your jewelry with our range of tools for engraving metals and setting diamonds or gemstones.

Our powerful laser machinery is manufactured by the prestigious Elettrolaser brand. A guarantee of quality that ensures great engraving power and enables carrying rotary work out.

We also offer Technolfux compact laser engraving machines with 20 W and 50 W of power that allow marking on objects of any metal. Find out more about the COMPACT AND ACCESSIBLE TECHNOLOGY of Technoflux jewelry laser engraving machines on the Jewelry Benmayor Blog.

We have a variety of original Arkansas burins and stones to help you sharpen your tools quickly.

Add filigree and embellishments with our different numbered garnetters and routers, and set your stones with great ease with tools such as the split setting fuser, which ensures optimal work holding and handling for best results.