Cutting and stamping

Cutting and stamping

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In this section you will find fiber laser machines capable of cutting metal plates up to 2.50 mm thick with great precision. Perfect to realise a job with the best finish.

For day-to-day jobs that require a lot of speed, you will need tools like our guillotines capable of cutting 0.8mm of stainless steel or the specific wire guillotines.

If you carry manual works that need strength,control and precision of the movements, we recommend our SuperPike saw blades, made with materials from Vallorbe that will last long time.

If you prefer to cut with a shear, we have Durston tools, such as the guillotine shear, that provide high precision and contribute to the zero waste objective.

Stuff the metal quickly with our highly resistant metal dapping punches. If you want less impact on your piece of jewelry you can also count on our wooden dapping.

Tases, anvils and ballasts of different shapes will become your preferred area for striking and working metal.