Metal test

Metal test

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Professionals often can recognize karats it with the naked eye from the experience of working with it. Anyway, currently there are various tools that help us to recognize and determine the karat of gold with complete safety.

We have Matsuhaku density meters, known for their high reliability and non-aggressive method. By not requiring the use of acids, it will avoid the presence of stains and / or scratches.

In this section you will also find spectrometers designed for the non-destructive analysis of precious metals, emitting X-rays through the part. Next, the gold, silver, copper or other metal content of the analyzed area is obtained as a percentage.

We also provide the KEE GOLD TESTER that allows you to test gold and platinum without scratching the pieces and without using dirty gels or dangerous chemicals.

If you prefer a more classical method for testing, our acid tests are the tool par excellence. Its tap water vials contain different calibers to check the purity of gold, silver and platinum.

Get one of our water kits, available in various formats as needed.