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Get your most delicate welding jobs done with our powerful laser welding machinery. Manufactured by the prestigious Elettrolaser brand, it has a quality guarantee that ensures a good workflow and welding precision. With firing point diameters up to 0.2mm and a wide range of powers, you will find the laser machine that is best for you.

If you prefer other more classic methods, we have a wide variety of fully equipped Orca torches for welding or fusion work. For applications in which a fine flame is required to weld in a single point of the part without heating it in its entirety, our well-known Drago I and Drago II oxyhydric welders are the best solution. We also offer casting and welding modules that help organizing your workspace.

The entire range of machinery is complemented by a wide variety of Technoflux chemical products, including specific products for oxyhydric welders, welds of different hardnesses and formats, and insulating plates or refractory bricks.

Our Technoflux AP thermal insulation paste, used to protect heat-sensitive areas, is also well known. In this way, we can work by applying heat without worrying about the disunity of previous welds or possible color changes in gemstones.