Cleaning, degreasing and desinfection

Cleaning, degreasing and desinfection

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Deep cleaning your jewelry is an essential process to keep your work looking flawless.

Disinfect the air in your workshop or shop place with the most innovative and reliable air purifiers on the market, capable of sterilizing the air either with the presence of people or with the establishment empty. Thanks to its great resistance and efficiency, you can use it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To clean a large quantity of jewelery or designs in the making, our Estmon range of ultrasonic cleaners will be very efficient and practical for you. In addition to having various capacities, they will allow you to easily remove stains and dirt residues such as grease, dust and metal particles or possible oxidation.

If you want a machine capable of powerful cleaning and drying on shiny parts, our steam generators are the best option. With them, you have plenty of power to quickly clean the most delicate parts.

The entire range of machinery is complemented by a wide variety of Technoflux chemicals, including top-quality jewelery degreasers and deoxidizers. We have a large stock of specific products for cleaning silver and gold, among which we can find the well-known Hagerty products such as Hagerty Silver Clean, Hagerty Silver Dip, Hagerty Silver Foam, Hagerty Silver Polish or Hagerty Silver Duster among others.